Mastering multi-speed IT

How to navigate complexity, embrace change and bring IT to the heart of the business

Multi-speed IT

Divisions within digital businesses often consume IT at different speeds simultaneously, which means the IT function may be pulled in multiple directions. While innovation and digital disruption demand a quick response, legacy systems call for steady care and shifting operating models require a pace of change somewhere in between. CIOs must deliver change at the right pace for each business area, or risk being relegated to tending legacy systems.

Forward-thinking enterprises are adopting a multi-speed IT approach. A blend of agile delivery approaches, tools and technologies, this frees the IT function to shift gears whenever appropriate to support multiple business objectives and quickly respond to change.

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IT needs to be flexible, innovative and quick-to-market and a multi-speed CIO needs to define an operating model that will allow IT and the rest of the business to work in unison to achieve their goals.

See insights from our experts in IT consulting that will help you pick the right operating model and bring it to life

Having execution discipline, the right architecture and process in place are all key in overcoming the challenges of the multi-speed IT journey. The scale of the Accenture Global Delivery Network with industry leading experts will ensure that you will have access to the depth and breadth of services you’ll need to transition smoothly.

Technology is often the easy part. Changing habits, driving a permanent cultural shift and keeping teams skilled, happy and motivated – this is what causes sleepless nights for even the best CIOs. See how our experience as a recognised industry leader in application services can help evolve teams to drive multi-speed IT.

Governance models designed specifically for multi-speed environments are few and far-between. Accenture can help your business adapt existing governance models to multi-speed portfolios to add value to IT projects and streamline their process.


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