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eMobility value chain

March 31, 2023 5-MINUTE READ

Reinvention of the oil and gas industry in an electrified world

Transforming forecourts to support new business models

Oil and gas companies become integrated energy companies

Three months into 2023, European big oil invested >$1.2 bn in Mobility 26

Power company transformation

Distribution networks to ensure safe, reliable and clean power

Between 2022-2030, public EV chargers may need up to global $35 bn investment/year, but distribution grids at least $300 bn/yr 28

Energy markets to provide new incentives

Utilities to encourage drivers to participate in flexibility programs

Regulated utilities can become trusted advisors

Electricity retailers guide drivers on the complete customer journey

Automotive diversification

EVs may enable up to 40% recovery of aftersales profits 30

Developing cleaner batteries

Rethinking the ownership model

A shift in focus from hardware to software and services

US gen Z primary interest in EVs: because they are “cool”.

Reinventing the dealership model

Sanda Tuzlic

Managing Director – eMobility Lead

Andrea Regalia

Managing Director, Sustainable Mobility Lead, Italy, Central Europe and Greece