In brief

In brief

  • Accenture and SAP have developed target-driven recipe development (TDRD) on SAP S/4HANA, to support recipe managers in a customer-driven world.
  • Any process company using recipes for its products faces intense pressure and new demands from regulators and consumers.
  • Consumers want greater involvement in the creation of products and regulation covering ingredients, packaging, safety and more.
  • Recipe managers need to exercise greater control, as well as integrating their work with other functions such as environment, health and safety.

It’s never been more important for process industries to innovate and optimize how they create, develop, adapt and manufacture their products. A top priority for these businesses is the process they deploy to develop the recipes for each and every product.

SAP has developed some crucial assets that help enable recipe managers to work more effectively. These include fundamental building blocks to track a list of ingredients, allergens and so on as well as the processes, security and control required to deliver a complete recipe.

A leap forward for recipe development

Now, recipe development is poised to take another major leap forward. Accenture and SAP have jointly developed a breakthrough solution based on SAP S/4HANA: target-driven recipe development (TDRD). This new solution supports recipe managers to respond to the new demands of the customer-driven world.

Customer-first recipes

What makes TDRD so special? Instead of working from a bottom-up approach, TDRD takes the customer requirement as the driving force for every recipe, and then cascades those requirements through development and manufacturing.

While all the information recipe managers needed was previously available somewhere across the organization, TDRD’s unique strength is to bring the data together, in real time, accessed and visualized through a user-friendly interface. By taking an integrated, data-driven "system" view of recipe management, the solution coordinates and integrates all the variables that can affect a product, from the imposition of a sugar tax to growing demands for more vegan products.

All the right ingredients for success


Shorten innovation cycles and bring products to market faster, considering renovation versus innovation, innovation and development speed.


Develop products that meet market needs and keep development cost on target, balancing features versus costs.


Manage growing number of individualized products with new moments of truth, increasing complexity and demand for better and more accessible information.


Manage complex supply chains and development across departments and companies.


Meet requirements from authorities, different markets, customers, and other stakeholders, regulations on compliance and security.

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TDRD’s advanced capabilities are a step-change toward truly intelligent, collaborative, customer-centric recipe development. So how will companies benefit? Speed and quality of product development will accelerate, regulatory compliance will improve, there'll be less rework, which lowers costs, and a massive improvement in efficiency thanks to the ability to reuse approved materials and components.

4 to 35%

faster product launch

5 to 15%

reduction in cost of direct materials

10 to 55%

Control cycles reduced up to 55%

Process industries face some key business challenges in developing, marketing and distributing recipe-based products. The target-driven recipe development solution addresses each of them.

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