In brief

In brief

  • AI is finding its way into mainstream business
  • Accenture believes chatbots will have an especially significant impact in the HR function
  • Well-designed and thoughtfully-deployed chatbots can have an immediate business impact
  • Oracle’s Digital Assistant opens the door to the broader use of chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its way into mainstream business—a trend that is evident in the rapid adoption of chatbots. By automating computers’ interactions with people, well-designed and thoughtfully deployed chatbots can have an immediate business impact.

When Hermes, a parcel courier in the UK, implemented a simple Oracle chatbot to help customers track shipments, it quickly found that 50 percent of incoming calls were being deflected away from human agents.

With the introduction of the Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle has opened the door to the broader use of chatbots. Using natural language processing and machine learning, the Digital Assistant simplifies the development and application of sophisticated chatbots.

Chatbots in HR: The next level

To explore the potential of the Oracle technology in HR, Accenture created the Accenture Digital Assistant for Oracle, a chatbot solution built on the Oracle platform to support Oracle SaaS HCM organizations. In the Accenture Digital Assistant for Oracle, Accenture addressed the problem by offering a menu of services. The Accenture Digital Assistant for Oracle recognized the user’s language, and offered the menu in those supported languages.

Oracle, which introduced chatbots in its mobile offering in 2017, is now taking them to the next level with its Digital Assistant. The Digital Assistant enables companies to create a number of functionally specific chatbots, which Oracle calls “skills,” that offer expertise in a specific subject area. Oracle Digital Assistant handles the navigation across those individual skills to deliver a seamless user experience.

The Digital Assistant lets companies use validation to change the logic flow. Imagine an employee asking for vacation time 14 months from now, even though there is a rule that says vacation cannot be booked more than 300 days in advance. Here, the Digital Assistant would return a response saying that it can process the request, but it won’t go through because of the 300 day limit.

The Digital Assistant model is easy to train, and Oracle provides extensive guidelines to help companies create efficient chatbots quickly.

The Oracle Digital Assistant will continue to evolve and provide more and more capabilities.

Brandon Johnson

HCM Lead – Oracle Business Group, Global

Debra Lilley

Associate Director – Accenture


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