Redesign Health Insurance

Ten percent of the Australian health insurance market is churning annually. Our research indicates a core determinant of switching behaviour (apart from policy costs), is the accessibility of digital offerings made available by competing healthcare insurance organisations.

Analysing patient attitudes and behaviours

How could person-centred patient segmentation in the Australian healthcare system improve outcomes, efficiency and patient satisfaction? This research polls over 2,000 Australians, and interrogates healthcare engagement, organisational trust, independence, data-sharing and innovation, while trying to understand how they are influenced by attitudes to change, technology, privacy and socio-economic issues.

Meet the seven types of Australian patients

Who are “Hip Pip”, “Fit Fu” and “Busy Lizzy”? Meet the health consumer personas (segments) in this report, who emerged from a multivariate analysis of the responses provided to 45 statement-agreement questions from the survey.

Technology confidence and attitudes to change

One of the most radical differentiators between the personas is in their attitudes to new technology and online services. In particular, individuals in the 20-29 age group (Hip Pip and Busy Lizzy) like the idea of more digital interaction with their health providers far more than the average Australian does.

Leigh Donoghue

Managing Director – Health Lead, Growth Markets


Digital Health Tech Vision 2019
AI: Injecting intelligence into healthcare

Reduce patient churn

Want to know what new perspectives on demographic segmentation in Australian healthcare are revealed by patient attitudes and behaviours? Whether it’s technology, privacy, trust, or consumer-centricity…

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