Accenture’s Health practice comprises of global experts who work together with clients to identify the most efficient, sustainable and forward-thinking solutions.

Dr. Travis Grant, a Managing Director in Australia New Zealand’s Health and Public Service practice, is one of Accenture’s veteran thought leaders. Like many industry experts, Travis has a diverse set of experiences across the healthcare sector.  He started with a B.Sc. (hons) and Ph.D. in infectious diseases from the University of Melbourne, where he worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital.  He delivered a diverse research program resulting in a range of international publications. However, he sought a larger contribution to the health care industry and was recruited by Accenture to join their healthcare practice.

After a six year departure from Accenture, including working in the healthcare sector as a General Manager with Medibank, Grant ‘boomeranged’ back to Accenture with a renewed passion and conviction to deliver large-scale change to the healthcare sector.

"Accenture has incredible breadth and depth of capability to help solve diverse problems in the healthcare sector, and an exceptional array of talent. Importantly, we deliver on what we promise our clients. This is incredibly important in order to earn and retain their trust, and of course, to help improve business outcomes and the lives of Australians" said Grant. "Clients expect the best teams, innovative solutions, and they want demonstrable value. Where appropriate they like us to ‘put skin in the game’ and back our delivery capability".

Travis is passionate about having a significant impact on patient and business outcomes. In line with this passion, he has had senior roles in healthcare strategy, and healthcare transformation programs, including innovative new models of care associated with large-scale clinical transformation programs.  Over his nearly 20 years of consulting, he has also acquired strong technology skills, and has led a broad range of hospital, state-wide and national health IT strategies.

Some of his favourite projects include working on the national eHealth agenda for Singapore and Australia, mental health reform including working with Beyond Blue, and partnering with New South Wales’s government for a number of years on its clinical service redesign program. The latter program included leading its state-wide cardiology program, where in as little as 16 weeks, Grant’s team characterised the systemic issues, defined a new patient experience, a new healthcare delivery model and a reform roadmap, before then supporting delivery of key changes in the sector.

"As consultants, we need to carefully partner with Executives and clinicians, and always focus on delivering a great outcome – including cost-efficient and sustainable solutions." said Grant.

When he’s not working with clients and colleagues on innovative solutions, Grant relaxes by spending time with his family, travelling, cooking, and listening to an eclectic music collection.

Clients expect the best teams, innovative solutions, and they want demonstrable value.

Dr. Travis Grant

Managing Director – Health, Client Lead, Australia and New Zealand


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