Using innovation and thought leadership to improve the health care system is how Accenture Health supports clients increase productivity, streamline processes, introduce technology and improve the patient journey for both clinicians and patients.

Ian Manovel is the innovation principal director for Health and Public Service at Accenture Australia. With over 25 years working in healthcare and consulting, he understands the levers for change within this complex, adaptive environment.

“The Australian health system is undergoing a dramatic transformation from an analogue, paper based, legacy system that delivered die-cast services to a digitally enabled, integrated ecosystem that will facilitate individual healthcare choices for all Australians.”

As government, health funds and private providers navigate that transformation, re-inventing themselves, Manovel works with client organisations to advise them on industry strategy and innovative approaches to digital solutions. He works with executive leadership teams who have an appetite for change and want to focus on population level health solutions.

“Both health payers and providers are looking vertically along the value chain to seek to understand how they can achieve financial sustainability and high-fidelity customer relationships. Competitors are nibbling away at incumbent service models so business leaders need be more nimble in this dynamic marketplace. Radical re-invention of service offerings is required to create new industry leaders and every one of those new human centred service offerings will need ongoing interpretation and analysis of data, data and more data.”

Manovel believes that health ecosystem players will need to offer their customers more holistic services from cradle to grave at the interfaces of health, aged and social care if they are to survive an increasingly competitive environment. Healthcare is moving from human-human based diagnosis and procedure to human-machine based precision medicine as genomic information joins traditional phenotypic interpretation of the human condition. This means taking a digital leap into living services that meet the customer where they are and continue to support them on their life journey.

“When we consider the unique circumstances each of our clients faces, we are better prepared to craft personalised solutions, identify new lines of business, offer more relevant services and develop innovative, compelling services for the consumer” said Manovel. “Our clients trust us. They know we are partners for the long run and rely upon our expertise. We take the time to understand the complexity of the challenge before co-designing human centred solutions. Healthcare is part of a complex ecosystem: when you change one thing, there is a chain reaction.”

Manovel enjoys working with his international colleagues and credits the collaboration for creating a healthy, supportive environment when he is conducting research, working with clients’ challenges and designing strong business and global partnerships. For him, strong social interaction is becoming the most valuable and effective approach to providing globally informed solutions to local challenges.

He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University, a Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy from University of London and a Master of Health Management from Imperial College Business School in London. The avid runner and surf-skier believes in a healthy body and a healthy mind as the foundation of building and sustaining Australia’s digital health ecosystem.

Our clients trust us. They know we are partners for the long run and rely upon our expertise.

Ian Manovel

Digital Health Innovator


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