In 2018, Australian healthcare consumers placed greater significance on technology for managing their health than they did in 2016.

They are plugged in: Consumers are increasingly using self-service digital health tools that go beyond websites. Accenture research shows increases across the board in Australian consumers' use of mobile, social media, wearables, smart scales and online communities.

Consumers are more positive about digital health technologies: Since 2016, Australian healthcare consumers have become more positive on every measure about the use of wearable health devices, including their willingness to share data/ information from wearable technology or mobile apps with a wide range of organisations.

Consumers would choose virtual care for a variety of activities: While few patients in Australia have received virtual healthcare (just 12 percent of those surveyed), there is a strong willingness to use it for particular purposes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a welcome complement to clinicians: Identified in a complementary role, rather than replacing human clinicians, AI enjoys a high level of acceptance among Australians.

Genetic medicine: Understanding our genetic susceptibility to disease can be simultaneously life-saving and frightening. However, fear of the unknown seems to trump fear of what the genes will reveal: just over half of Australian respondents (55 percent) would like to know their genetic susceptibility to disease, and 43 percent would like to know their estimated lifespan based on their genetic profile.

Leigh Donoghue

Managing Director – Health, ANZ


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