In brief

In brief

  • Demand for AI in healthcare is swelling among Australian seniors.
  • In 2017 one in seven Australians (15 percent) was older than 65.
  • 51% of older Australians would use an AI emergency doctor, while only 38% of younger Australians would.
  • Private care providers must take the AI plunge if they want to remain competitive.

Seniors keener on AI and virtual health than younger Australians

The senior market in Australia is a growing one. To meet changing demands healthcare providers must adapt their model and provide the digital care options older people want. Nearly 50 percent of the aged population have taken the plunge and are now using wearables and mobile, apps and online health management tools every month1.


of Australians will be seniors by 2057


Of older Australians very likely or likely to have a surgical procedure where the surgeon is assisted by an intelligent robot in an operating theatre vis-à-vis 25 percent of Australians under 65.


Of seniors state a strong preference (top 2 responses) on a 7-scale) for robot-assisted spinal surgery (compared to just 15 percent of Australians under 65).


Of older Australians would be very likely or likely to use an AI doctor for emergency Advice, but only 38 percent of Australians under 65 say the same thing.


of Australian seniors would use an AI-enabled virtual health assistant

Despite willingness to engage with these tools, less than one percent of Australian seniors have ever interacted with health-related AI, and just seven percent have received virtual care.

Three keys to AI and digital health market leadership

  • Put informed citizens at the centre of your digital health decision making. They’re out there, they know what they want and they’re keen to engage in digital transformation.
  • Informed citizens can be choosy, getting to know them is crucial if you expect your AI and digital patient engagement to meet their needs. So plunge into the citizen-centricity tide by investing in CRM and virtual care systems as part of a comprehensive digital health strategy
  • Make sure you identify appropriate complementary partners to help you develop the digitally-enabled capabilities and tools you need to stroke strongly out to the deep water so you can catch the shore break back to the beach with your customers on board.

1 Accenture 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health

Tristan Sather

Strategy Manager – Healthcare Business

Sarah McCauley

Strategy Consultant – Health Business


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