Embracing technology in financial services

A podcast that takes an in-depth look at technology in financial services. Leading experts cover what it is, why it matters, and how to achieve it.

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Technology Advisory Practice Lead, Tim Broome talks to an array of experts on the latest technology trends. Tune in to hear fresh insights and challenges to traditional thinking in the Financial Services sector.

Innovation: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

Innovation has changed and evolved over the years. It's one thing to have an idea, but the greater challenge is to successfully execute, test, and scale. There's no shortage of ideas. Australia is a nation that can generate great ideas. We've proven that over and over again. How do you take an idea, see it through, implement it, scale it, and derive benefit?

Join our experts as they discuss how different industries in Australia are taking ideas to execution. They look at what this means looking through a financial services lens in view of the rise of FinTechs.

Episode 11 - Innovation: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

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Navigating the sophisticated world of rising ransomware

Episode 10 - Navigating the sophisticated world of rising ransomware

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Whether it be internet banking fraud, identity fraud and identity theft or criminal elements to monetise, cyber-attacks of all types seem inevitable. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated in the methods they use, companies affected by ransomware are on the rise. There are several ways to get infected and many attacks go unreported.

Prevention techniques can only help so much. The real answer seems to lie in how we respond.  Join our experts as they explore the topic and some interesting insights around how many companies are unprepared to recover their IT systems from backups.

Detect and prevent – responding to cyber attacks

As technology continues to disrupt the financial services industry, the cybersecurity challenge takes centre focus as companies invest in protecting their business and consumers. Our host Tim Broome tackles the matter in-depth with security experts Dave Powell and Mark Leadbetter in our latest Embracing Technology in Financial Services podcast.

Their conversation touches on a wide gamut of topics, from the evolving nature of cyber threats to new vulnerabilities created by the arrival of Open Banking. More importantly, they discuss how innovations with technology can enable companies to outsmart their cyberattackers while staying ahead of the security curve.

Episode 9 - Detect and prevent – responding to cyber attack

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Increased personalisation without increased digital clutter?

Episode 8 - Increased personalisation without increased digital clutter?

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In the race to offer custom-fit services, companies inadvertently add to the digital clutter that bombards the people they seek to serve. They risk losing consumers who look to declutter their digital lives, unless they come up with a strategic approach to truly understand and deliver customer needs.

For starters, enterprises need to consider mindful design, cognitive effort and emotional engagement in designing the right level of interaction that connects with the right people. They must also establish trust and transparency in data use to deliver positive business outcomes from personalised offerings.

Tim Broome is joined by Bronwyn van der Merwe, the Asia Pacific lead at Fjord, to discuss in detail on how companies can cut digital clutter while continuously delivering customised services.

Robot co-workers in the contact centre – not what you think

It's been reported that contact centres will be killed by bots, but can humans still thrive in this new age of technology?

Contact centres are a large part of interacting with customers at scale and have typically been a necessary cost for organisations offering a service. Modern approaches to support customers involve interactive voice response, virtual agents and robotic process automation, but do these approaches benefit the customer or the organisation or both? The best of organisational intent focus on Customer Experience (CX), but how close do we really get to treating customers as individuals? How should organisations think about interacting with their customers, and how does this impact their employees? It’s been said that AI will be the contact centre killer, when in fact it might be the reinvention of the industry, taking the customer and employee experience to new levels.

Tim Broome talks to Kelly Owens, Accenture’s Customer Insights and Growth lead for Australia and New Zealand to explore this concept further.

Episode 7 - Robot co-workers in the contact centre – not what you think

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Demystifying the DevOps buzzword

Episode 6 - Demystifying the DevOps buzzword

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DevOps, is it a tool, or a process? Or, are we actually talking about a culture? It’s all the rage right now, but is it useful, or just another set of tools and techniques? It is typically applied when Cloud technologies are used, but how does it move past being a tool and start delivering value for the organisation? How do you ensure its fully utilised and measure its benefit?

Tim Broome is joined by Accenture expert guests Ajay Nair and Harshu Deshpande to discuss where DevOps is currently, and where we see it going in the future. They investigate the key learnings that help make using DevOps useful and range of factors required to ensure its success. Noting that, behind disruption there's people, and unless an organisation’s people have the right mindset they won’t adopt and ultimately, an organisation won’t achieve the positive outcomes they seek.

Cost concerns: Alleviated

Companies within the financial services sector are looking for opportunities to simplify their technology landscape. This can often be extremely complex, leaving them the choice between addressing either revenue and/or cost. It’s far easier to start by reducing cost, but how can they do this without losing sight of the customer? How can they use technology to support that agenda?

A good place to start is to consider what can be done in relation to mainframes and the use of platforms, how to leverage Cloud and remove the need for data centres. Work can also be done around DevOps and more broadly, operations automation.

Tim Broome is joined by John Harris, Accenture’s Technology Consulting lead for Asia Pacific, to explore the cost pressures on the financial services industry and how technology is really helping to alleviate some of those concerns.

Episode 5 - Cost concerns: Alleviated

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Technology is not enough

Episode 4 - Technology is not enough

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As the norms around personal data and its use evolve, what does this mean for organisations wanting to recruit and retain the best talent? What does the digital transformation or even the post-digital world mean in terms of the employee?

Companies have inadvertently created a new digital divide between themselves and their workforce. Trust and being responsible in the use of customer and employee data is important, as many companies are being measured in the court of public opinion.

Tim Broome is joined by Andrew Woolf, who leads Accenture’s Global Talent & Organisation group, and Harshu Deshpande from Accenture Liquid Studios. Together they explore whether the use of technology to measure experiences for your workforce or customers is going too far, the impact for people and how to ensure you act as an ethical company.


Accenture Technology Vision Trends

Personalisation—creepy or cool?

The Accenture Technology trends have just been released for 2019, and it's all about the post-digital world. But what's actually happening, and what should we prepare for?

Disruption and digital transformation have been the buzzwords for years with some success. The clear winners have been those companies that re-imagine how to provide customers an individual experience rather than just digitising what already exists.

Tim Broome is joined by Harshu Deshpande from Accenture Liquid Studios, they discuss real examples of providing that individual experience while maintaining trust. Too often Personalisation is poorly executed which diminishes the experience for the customer and ends up being creepy, rather than cool.

Episode 3 - Personalisation—creepy or cool?

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Get your head in the cloud

Episode 2 - Get your head in the cloud

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As one of the modern era’s new and disruptive technologies, the cloud holds the key to helping companies dramatically improve business performance and capabilities. The arrival heralds an improvement in many areas, but there is more to cloud adoption than just the technology. Many capabilities within an organisation need to adapt to realise the benefits that cloud is designed to offer - speed, cost and quality.

So, what can companies do to enable its adoption and implementation? Tim Broome talks to Technology Consulting Senior Manager, Laura Entwistle to deep-dive into the process of cloud migration and what it entails for companies, large or small, legacy or digital-native. They also explore various strategies for enabling the business to adapt, from transforming IT systems to cultivating new ways of working.


Get the Accenture perspective on Cloud Native Computing and Reengineering the IT operating model to embrace Cloud

Open up to open banking

The open banking revolution has given rise to a new world of opportunities, particularly around consumer data and sharing. Consumers are getting the authority to manage their own data under the Open Banking and Consumer Data Right legislation which comes into force in Australia soon.

The question is, will this disruptive change (threat and opportunity), seriously impact the competitiveness of banks and other corporations? More importantly, will consumers understand their new power and exercise their rights?

Tim Broome talks to Graham Rothwell and Mike Aston, experts in Open Banking, to explore the different approaches that adopting countries have taken on third-party access. They also discover some interesting insights around consumer trust and cutting-edge approaches to delivering new products and services swiftly.


Get the Accenture perspective on Open Banking and the latest trends.

Episode 1 - Open up to open banking

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