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A podcast that takes an in-depth look at enterprise agility. Leading experts cover what it is, why it matters, and—most of all—how to achieve it.

This opens a new window. This opens a new window.

Technology Advisory Practice Lead, Tim Broome talks to an array of experts on the latest technology trends. Tune in to hear fresh insights and challenges to traditional thinking in the Financial Services sector.

Open up to open banking

The open banking revolution has given rise to a new world of opportunities, particularly around consumer data and sharing. Consumers are getting the authority to manage their own data under the Open Banking and Consumer Data Right legislation which comes into force in Australia soon.

The question is, will this disruptive change (threat and opportunity), seriously impact the competitiveness of banks and other corporations? More importantly, will consumers understand their new power and exercise their rights?

Tim Broome talks to Graham Rothwell and Mike Aston, experts in Open Banking, to explore the different approaches that adopting countries have taken on third-party access. They also discover some interesting insights around consumer trust and cutting-edge approaches to delivering new products and services swiftly.


Get the Accenture perspective on Open Banking and the latest trends.

Episode 1 - Open Up to Open Banking

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Get your head in the cloud

Episode 2 - Get Your Head in the Cloud

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As one of the modern era’s new and disruptive technologies, the cloud holds the key to helping companies dramatically improve business performance and capabilities. The arrival heralds an improvement in many areas, but there is more to cloud adoption than just the technology. Many capabilities within an organisation need to adapt to realise the benefits that cloud is designed to offer - speed, cost and quality.

So, what can companies do to enable its adoption and implementation? Tim Broome talks to Technology Consulting Senior Manager, Laura Entwistle to deep-dive into the process of cloud migration and what it entails for companies, large or small, legacy or digital-native. They also explore various strategies for enabling the business to adapt, from transforming IT systems to cultivating new ways of working.


Get the Accenture perspective on Cloud Native Computing and Reengineering the IT operating model to embrace Cloud

Personalisation—creepy or cool?

The Accenture Technology trends have just been released for 2019, and it's all about the post-digital world. But what's actually happening, and what should we prepare for?

Disruption and digital transformation have been the buzzwords for years with some success. The clear winners have been those companies that re-imagine how to provide customers an individual experience rather than just digitising what already exists.

Tim Broome is joined by Harshu Deshpande from Accenture Liquid Studios, they discuss real examples of providing that individual experience while maintaining trust. Too often Personalisation is poorly executed which diminishes the experience for the customer and ends up being creepy, rather than cool.

Episode 3 - Personalisation—Creepy or Cool?

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Technology is not enough

Episode 4 - Technology is Not Enough

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As the norms around personal data and its use evolve, what does this mean for organisations wanting to recruit and retain the best talent? What does the digital transformation or even the post-digital world mean in terms of the employee?

Companies have inadvertently created a new digital divide between themselves and their workforce. Trust and being responsible in the use of customer and employee data is important, as many companies are being measured in the court of public opinion.

Tim Broome is joined by Andrew Woolf, who leads Accenture’s Global Talent & Organisation group, and Harshu Deshpande from Accenture Liquid Studios. Together they explore whether the use of technology to measure experiences for your workforce or customers is going too far, the impact for people and how to ensure you act as an ethical company.


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