Retail and commercial banks will have to find new business models fit for the path ahead if they are to remain competitive, maintain future growth value and win in the digital economy.

Take a walk on the digital side with four unique banking archetypes that have four unique stories to tell.

Find your path. Find your style.

Digital Category Killer

Best-in-class brand value and highly specialized products and services attract customers, quickly eliminating competitors.

Digital Relationship Manager

While this is the first choice for most retail and commercial banks, for many, it is aspirational and cost-prohibitive.

Utility Provider

This behind-the-scenes bank may provide end-to-end solutions to other banks or simply be the regulated entity that helps book deposits and loans.

Open Platform Player

Offering capabilities like open APIs and brokerage services, this model helps build trust with both new market entrants and banking industry partners.

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We can help you choose a banking business model fit for the digital economy and beyond. Reach out to our team to learn more.

By hedging their bets and failing to make clear business model choices, banks run the risk that other, more decisive actors will dictate the evolution of the industry and limit incumbents’ ability to compete.

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