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The Everyday Bank

The role of cloud computing in the future of Banking December 2015


When customers switch their retail banking providers, banks risk losing up to one-third of their revenues.

Everyday Bank

What is the Everyday Bank?

A complete solution to fulfill your customers’ financial and non-financial life needs.

What can happen with the Everyday Bank:


Cloud has been instrumental in shaping the banking journey.

Why Cloud?


How can cloud adoption improve banking?

Cloud solutions make the Everyday Bank possible and provide a channel through which banks can deliver better customer service.

Three Pillars

Platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions, delivered via the cloud, enable the three pillars that define the Everyday Bank:

By the Numbers

Data Security

Is a private cloud more secure than a public cloud?

Banks overwhelmingly prefer private over public cloud options.

Only 14% have significantly invested in public cloud (compared to 25% in other industries).

Keys to Success

Harness the cloud’s potential to create the Everyday Bank:

A Clear Choice

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