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Top ten trends impacting service design

Fjord and Accenture Interactive bring the key trends in service design that will transform what we do, our clients’ businesses, and the way we live in 2014.


These ten trends are our thoughts on what will shape business and society in the year to come. We believe that 2014 will bring even more transformation, disruption, and delight to organizations and their audiences.

Underpinning these trends are three core themes that will impact everyone: old businesses will become new; we’re entering the age of Living Services; and change will beget change.

Read more to get our insights on these trends and our suggestions on how each one may impact your business and what you can do to position yourself advantageously and seize the opportunity that these changes present.


Underpinning all of these trends are three core themes that will impact everyone:

  1. Old businesses will become new.
    Traditionally non-digital businesses will have to reinvent themselves to consider the role of digital services in their organizations. As people embrace more digital lifestyles, every business must become a digital business.

  2. We’re entering the age of Living Services.
    With more things becoming connected, the living services wave will radically shape people’s lives and expectations. Brands must deliver services that are contextually aware, learn about us, maintain relevance in our lives, and meet our evolving needs.

  3. Change will beget change.
    Digital innovation does not happen on its own or without consequences. For radical departures from convention, watch for gaps in between ideas, but be wary that hyped developments often struggle to adapt to existing systems and economic reality.

Key Findings

Ten trends that we believe will shape business and society in 2014.

  1. In conversation with objects 
    As more objects get “smartified,” deep challenges to social conventions will emerge. We will have to swim against the tide of compartmentalization within our businesses we increasingly add smartified objects to our lives.

  2. Telco 3.0
    Big is back and it’s a make or break year. Telcos will continue their evolution of business models from “dumb pipes” to “smart services,” by further combining their traditional network services with new digital hubs.

  3. Living arrows
    Brands need to relinquish their control in a new way: reacting more nimbly to their audience’s needs. People will be in control of their own experiences, but in a way that still feels unique to the brand.

  4. The distributed home
    Home is where your mobile is. We will see a rise of a distributed home, as elements of the home get smarter and more accessible via mobile.

  5. Invisible money
    The transformation of money will affect commerce at every level. Services and brands that are personalized to people, that focus on building trust, and have a strong reputation, will far surpass any financial institution that is not user-centered.

  1. Every product is a service waiting to happen
    Brands must rethink their ecosystems to add meaningful value. The way your brand behaves matters more than how it looks.

  2. What prescription does the healthcare industry need?
    Digital health won’t reach critical mass until there is true innovation in the system. The medical industry is taking note of the need for great service innovation.

  3. Underwriting digital
    The insurance industry transforms. 2014 is the year that digital insurers with an appetite for innovation will begin to court genuine consumer loyalty.

  4. To serve or not to serve
    Designing to empower people, without abandoning customer service. Companies can create better experiences that resonate with people by allowing more personalization, transparency, and contextualization.

  5. You are the interface
    Screens are out and skin is in, but we must consider human bandwidth. Users will always want to interact with things in the most simple and natural way possible.