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The Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015 outlines the massive transformation facing insurers as they seek to redefine their role in the new “We Economy”. Carriers that embrace this new collaborative economy have an opportunity to enable and monetize disruption, placing them on a path of higher growth.

This year’s Technology Vision highlights five themes:

  1. The Internet of Me: Our world, personalized

  2. Outcome Economy: Hardware, producing hard results

  3. The Platform (R)evolution: Defining ecosystems, redefining industries

  4. Intelligent Enterprise: Huge data, smarter systems—better business

  5. Workforce Reimagined: Collaboration at the intersection of humans and machines

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John Cusano discusses this year’s Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance, the five key trends affecting insurers, and what we believe carriers should do to take advantage of them.

In this video, the Senior MD of Accenture’s Global Insurance Industry outlines the ‘We Economy’, a new collaborative landscape where service is personalized and real-time, measured by outcomes, and delivered through powerful ecosystems.

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