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Technology reinvents performance management


67 percent of employees and leaders view employee performance tracking technologies as a positive change.

Through analytics and machine learning, a new generation of workforce technologies is helping leaders guide workers in a timelier way—and helping the future workforce take a more active role in managing their own performance and careers.

Technology-enabled performance management is comprehensive and holistic. It’s focused on maximizing people development, while improving the performance of individuals and the entire organization. It is the future of work.


Key findings

Get personal with performance management.
Traditional performance management approaches can’t keep up because they are not sufficiently tailored to individuals’ goals. Performance management needs to help workers adopt new behaviors in the face of change. Currently, this is not happening.

Guide your people based on data-driven facts, not opinions.
Digital tools and technologies such as machine intelligence can transform people development, enabling supervisors to trace contributions from individuals and teams with more accuracy and solid data.

Meet your new coach: an artificial intelligence app.
Your coach is no longer just another human being who offers advice, but also an artificial intelligence-enhanced app that works alongside you.

71% of employees and leaders say technology that tracks performance at work would improve performance management.



With a more data-rich environment, and with advances in machine learning, leaders can introduce improved performance management capabilities to their organization in several important ways.

Reorient performance management towards shared outcomes.
Performance management is more than simply evaluating individual performance using a backwards-looking view.

Make performance management more transparent.
Explain assessments in simple, real, human terms.

Use technology to enhance the process of performance improvement.
New workforce technologies increase the timeliness of performance insights.

Build advanced digital knowledge in your senior HR leadership.
Management needs to understand how digitally-enabled performance management can maximize people development.

Use measurement to motivate.
Arm people with their own personal digital coaches and auto-analytics apps—and make it a positive, motivating experience.

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