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Accenture Spend Trends

Bringing you the latest supply market trends and insights from our global team of experts.


Spend Trends is a content hub for the latest supply market trends and insights we are observing across key spend areas such as Logistics, Marketing, Corporate Professional Services, IT/Telecom, Energy, and more.

Our team of global category experts helps more than one hundred clients optimize billions of dollars of spend across the globe.

This means they are in each major supply market dozens, sometimes hundreds of times a year. The result: powerful aggregate supply market intelligence and a unique set of cross-client spending and spend management insights.

Spend Trends articles distill the most important trends we see in these markets, with insight and perspective on how they impact both business and procurement strategies. For example:

  • With digital marketing rapidly maturing, how can marketers embrace new ways of working, like Programmatic Media buying, while also better measuring and optimizing their media investments?

  • With global commodity markets experiencing extreme volatility, how can organizations tame volatility with hedging and other strategies?

  • How will mergers and acquisitions activity alter the health benefits market and what can your organization do today to prepare for a new competitive environment?

From long term macro trends to near term market events that create opportunities for savvy organizations, we hope the content you find in Spend Trends helps you stay on top of the latest supply market movements and provide you with new and innovative ideas about how to drive value in your organization.


Spend Trends featuring the latest thinking, insights, and intelligence from our global team of experts.