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Reshaping Revenue Agencies: From looking digital, to being digital

Learn how revenue agencies should rethink their digital services to meet the needs of today’s taxpayers.


Revenue agencies, like many other organizations, have embraced the technology to provide their taxpayers with enhanced online services. But this is no longer enough, and revenue agencies now need to shift from looking digital to being digital to meet taxpayers’ expectations of a “zero touch” taxation service.

This requires adopting a new taxpayer-centric operating model to create personalized interactions across an ecosystem of public and private organizations. Engaging with customers digitally demands a new set of skills that revenue agencies have to develop or acquire by hiring the right talent – and could lead to increased citizen engagement and improved voluntary compliance.

Going Digital

Time to move from “looking digital” to “being digital”

"Revenue agencies need to rethink their digital services and implement an agile, taxpayer-centric operating model that requires greater collaboration across an ecosystem with stakeholders from both public and private sectors to meet taxpayers’ needs."



David Regan

David Regan


Managing Director
Health & Public Service
Revenue Industry Lead