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Realising the digital platform

Digital platforms are forging countless connections among consumers, citizens, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers and product developers. See how you can prepare your business for platform-based operations.

Digital Platforms

A digital platform brings together process, people and technology into a value network that provides consumers access to an extensive selection of products and services within and across multiple markets. By enabling multiple parties to engage in networked commerce, digital platforms create a multiplier effect, quickly increasing demand for products and services and generating additional value for various users along with the platform’s owner.


Key Considerations

81 percent of Australian executives responding to the 2015 Accenture Technology Vision survey believe that platforms will reshape industries into interconnected ecosystems. In preparing for platform operations, start by examining these fundamentals:

  • Are my products and services increasingly becoming contestable or obsolete? Why?

  • Are my business and technology capabilities organised in a way that allows me to influence how value is shared and delivered among players in my industry?

  • How has my industry evolved over the years? How is revenue generated today?

  • What products and services can I offer through a platform that address the personalised needs of consumers?

  • How can I leverage and enrich my corporate data for competitive advantage?

  • How do I transform my business to take advantage, or become the epicentre of revenue generation in my industry?

Latest Thinking

Australian organisations must explore the broader digital ecosystem, create new digital connections and identify services that complement their own to realise the growth opportunities of the Platform (R)evolution. They need to act quickly to move beyond experimentation—or risk being left behind.


Either creating or joining a digital ecosystem opens up a world of possibilities for organisations to expand or pivot their businesses.

Platforms In Action

Competing for Growth

Competing for growth

Helping Australian organisations to generate growth and improved competitiveness by leveraging digital and technology.

Marco Ciobo

Marco Ciobo

Managing Director
Accenture Technology Strategy Lead
Australia and New Zealand



Balaji Ram

Balaji Ram


Managing Director—Application Services Lead
Technology Strategy
Australia & New Zealand