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Intelligent technologies can help to reduce risk and increase security

Improved security is the top anticipated benefit from investment in intelligent technologies.


Security is a multifaceted issue for public service agencies. Our research revealed that reduced risk and tighter security are the key benefits that nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of respondents hope to gain from investing in intelligent technologies. The collection and advanced analysis of large volumes of sensitive citizen data does, however, pose difficult trust and regulatory issues for agencies.

"…reduced risk and improving public safety are key motivators for implementing advanced technologies such as video analytics and biometric identity."
Senior Managing Director
Defence and Public Safety, Global Accenture

Meet Ger

Ger Daly

Ger Daly
Senior Managing Director, Defence & Public Safety, Global Accenture

Ger Daly is senior managing director for Accenture Defence and Public Safety with global responsibility for defence, policing, and border and identity business services.

He leads a team of dedicated professionals who assist government and public service organisations that manage the cross-border movement of people, provide national and international security, and manage criminal justice systems.

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