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Talent strategies for challenging times

How upstream talent managers can learn from their downstream colleagues.


Colin Sloman, Accenture’s Talent and Organization lead for Resources highlights the talent challenges facing upstream companies today—and why it’s not such a bad idea to look to the downstream industry for some guidance.

"You can be more agile in the way that you deploy your liquid workforce, and manage the contingent labor risk in a more dynamic and direct way."
Accenture Talent and Organization lead for resources industries


Colin Sloman
Accenture Talent and Organization Lead for Resources

Colin Sloman is a managing director leading Accenture's Talent and Organization group for the resources industries in the United Kingdom. Colin has been part of Accenture's change management and organization strategy group for the past 20 years. He has previously led Accenture's Human Capital strategy group helping clients at the intersection of their business and people strategies.