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Accenture and Oracle: Five technology imperatives for the future of HR

We teamed up with Oracle to plot a course for HR leaders to achieve the greatest possible benefits from technology.


Human resources organizations face an increasingly complex, unpredictable landscape.

Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions are evolving faster than ever, while customer and client expectations are constantly shifting.

Many of today’s HR leaders question whether current solutions are effective. They’re trying to align more strategically with the latest technologies.

Technology is opening new opportunities: It can be an enabler of HR transformation and a potential driver of greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, technology can help HR get closer to the business. HR professionals often talk about HR getting a “seat at the senior management table,” but that’s not always the real issue.

HR professionals often talk about getting a seat at the senior management table—but that’s not always the real issue.

Key Findings

HR gets – and keeps – a seat at the table when it has value to add and insights that help the business.

Technology helps HR deliver those insights, but at the same time, it is not a panacea.

Much depends on designing, implementing and using technology to meet a company’s specific needs. Doing that requires a close relationship between HR and IT.

To encourage the conversation, HR executives need a solid grasp of the possibilities and limitations of technology, and to be active participants in looking for opportunities to apply it.

In The Future of HR—Five Technology Imperatives,” an eBook we jointly produced with our Oracle partners, we recommend HR executives consider the following:

  1. Take an integrated approach to talent management.

  2. Use analytics to power HR decision making.

  3. Extend HR and talent management out to the workforce.

  4. Take advantage of advanced recruiting tools.

  5. Leverage cloud computing for efficiency and agility.

Transforming HR—Infographic


How to best put on your talent show?

Integrated technology solutions can help you better manage recruiting, predict personnel needs and provide many other benefits.

Download PDFCheck the infographic for details [PDF 73.8KB]

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