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Network analytics for communications service providers

Maintaining network quality through analytics can provide significant advantages for communications service providers (CSPs) seeking to manage network expansion and control.


In this era of convergence, major investments are required both to introduce enabling technologies to manage network expansion and to improve CSPs’ capabilities to appropriately manage service quality. Network analytics for CSPs can provide invaluable assistance in effectively targeting both types of investment: managing network expansion while maintaining network quality.

While the demand for data continues to rise, CSPs' revenue is failing to keep pace with the growth in network traffic. Meanwhile, substitutes for traditional voice and video—over-the-top and messaging services—continue to put pressure on overall average revenue per user.

A recent survey from Accenture highlights a CSP’s need for advanced tools to manage new traffic patterns and monitor service quality in this changing environment. Analytics is one such critical tool that will facilitate strategic network investment while at the same time helps ensure the maximization of return on these investments.

Read the full survey: Evolutionary trends in the operations of communication service provider networks: Migration to broadband services


CSPs need to satisfy data demand, and invest in new technologies and network expansion while simultaneously improving service quality, while under continuous pressure to reduce operating expenses.

Traditional operating models cannot fulfill all of these needs. For these approaches to yield the maximum benefits, they need to be accompanied by an internal transformation, encompassing a new operating model and redefining core processes. In this context, analytics-based tools can facilitate new capabilities in planning, design, deployment, service delivery and service assurance—capabilities that will help address short-term service quality issues, while simultaneously enabling CSPs to prepare for the future.

Greg Leja is a senior manager within Accenture’s Network Services business service, specializing in Digital Services.

Gianluca Noya is a managing director within Accenture’s Network Services business service, specializing in Convergent Network Planning, Design and Deployment.

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