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Navigating the Crude Cycle: Oilfield Service and Equipment Companies

10 strategic actions for US exploration and production energy companies to navigate the crude cycle.

No one knows when oil prices will recover. But the winners are likely to be those who respond with focused investments and plan with a multiyear horizon.

Amid volatile oil prices, oilfield service and equipment companies are facing strong headwinds. The challenge: to seize the moment and take purposeful action, not merely for near-term survival, but to build agile organizations that can adapt to the crude cycle.

Learn more about how oilfield services companies can navigate the crude cycle.


Accenture discusses how oilfield service and equipment companies can maximize margin while growing market share despite volatile oil prices. 

Navigating the Crude Cycle – Slideshare
Accenture’s summary report identifies 10 strategic actions for oilfield service and equipment companies to respond to volatile oil prices.