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More facts, less friction:  Body-worn cameras for insight-driven police solutions

Delivering public service for the future through digital law enforcement


Body-worn cameras are more than just another device in the wearable technologies revolution. These devices—worn on helmets, jackets and lapels—have the potential to be a powerful means of protecting both the citizen and the officer and delivering public service for the future through digital law enforcement.

Detailed and unbiased evidence collection, greater accountability for officers and more transparency of police/citizen interactions are just some of the benefits of these police solutions.

Hear from Police leaders including Charlie Beck, Chief of Police, LAPD and Noirin O’Sullivan, Commissioner, An Garda Siochana as they discuss the use of Body Worn Cameras and the benefits for both officers and the communities they serve.

In this short video members of Accenture Police Services team share perspectives on the use of Body Worn cameras as a crime fighting solution.