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Mitigating mobile security threats to government technology—Video

Understand the threats associated with enterprise mobility and the methods to limit exposure of government technology to these risks.

As organizations make the move to integrate their mobility strategy into their day-to-day operations, data security—especially with data on devices that have not been issued by corporate IT—remains one of the top concerns for CIOs. Effectively implementing a government technology mobile device strategy involves understanding the risks and potential effects of deploying and supporting mobile devices as a corporate policy. A structured government technology approach has to be adopted to contain these risks.

Watch Sesh Seshagiri, Senior Manager – Accenture Mobility, explore the various government technology options available—mobile device policy management, penetration testing, cyber intelligence and trusted software development and distribution mechanisms—to counter mobile security threats in a systematic manner.

This video was recorded at the Mobile Government 2013 forum held in Sacramento, CA on March 28, 2013.