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Executive Summary
Is Australia at a technology tipping point?

Digital culture shock is being felt all around Australia and the world. Organisations, public and private, are not just adopting new technology – they have always done that – they are facing up to a revolution in commerce, industry and society. And it’s only just getting started.

In this sea of change, Australian businesses are anticipating a major swell in the years ahead. Accenture's recent Technology Vision research found that 43% of executives believe the pace of technology change will increase at an unprecedented rate over the next three years. That is far higher than the global proportion (28%).


More than 8 out of 10 (86 percent) Australian businesses expect either rapid or unprecedented technology change in the next three years.

More than 8 out of 10 (86%) Australian businesses expect either rapid or unprecedented technology change in the next three years.


This time last year our research showed 29% of Australian organisations were investing comprehensively in digital technology as part of an overall business strategy, lagging behind the global average (35%). This year the same metric has leapt 20 points to 49%, now equal to the global average for 2016.

These results suggest Australia is at a tipping point in the development and adoption of key technologies, including artificial intelligence, platform ecosystems, predicative analytics and the internet of things. These deeply disruptive advancements are now moving from radical ideas to fruitful pilots and full roll-outs. The catalyst? A compelling set of benefits at a time when many Australian companies need a new impetus. These include the opportunity to reengage the workforce, drive innovation, reduce costs, attract talent, boost efficiency and thrive in an increasingly global and disruptive competitive landscape – all are driving a surge in interest and investment.



Intelligent Automation

Weave systems, data and technology together to change what your organisation does and how it does it.  And then relish the results.


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