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The Interactive OrchestraA robotic orchestral experience presented by Accenture Australia

What is the Interactive

Presented by Accenture at the 2017 Adobe Symposium, the Interactive Orchestra is an example of the art of the possible when you blend artificial intelligence and robotics with creativity and customer experience.

Using a million pieces of music and custom-built artificial intelligence, the Accenture Liquid Studio team programmed Baxter, an industrial collaborative robot, to play the marimba as a featured soloist in our orchestra.

The music, lighting and visual projections were influenced by the audience interacting with the orchestra via a web page on their mobile phones which was powered by the Adobe Marketing Cloud and created by Accenture Interactive.

The result?

A fusion of robotics, machine intelligence, music and the Adobe Marketing Cloud to create a never-been-seen before experience. Just imagine what innovation could be created next for businesses and technology!

The technology and innovation behind the Interactive Orchestra

Explore the artificial intelligence and robotics innovation used in the Interactive Orchestra.

Creating a real-time and personalised customer experience

Explore how we used the Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver an exceptional user experience during the Interactive Orchestra.

View the full Interactive Orchestra presentation here

How did the Interactive Orchestra work?

1. Building and programming the robot

We began by building on top of Baxter, an industrial collaborative robot, giving him a new backpack and hands to upskill him and enable him to learn to play the marimba. This was achieved by giving him some "fingers" to play the instrument and by feeding him more than a million music files so he could learn how to ingest music, consider the data and play something different back. Finally, we programmed him to be able to read and respond to data submitted by a concert audience during the performance.

2. Build an orchestra and compose the music

We collaborated with Charlie Chan, renowned composer and artistic director of the Global Orchestra, who created an ensemble of some of Australia’s leading musicians for the orchestra and composed the music performed on the day.

3. Develop a web page for audience engagement

To enable the audience to interact with the performance, we built a web page using Adobe Marketing Cloud to collect and analyse personal data including contact details, artistic preferences and their engagement with the performance.

4. Live performance

The Interactive Orchestra is performed featuring Baxter as a live soloist. The audience interacted with the performance, and Baxter, via a web page built on the Adobe Marketing Cloud. These interactions influenced the music, lighting and visual projections.

5. Attendee personalisation

At the conclusion of the performance, all attendees received an eDM, built on Adobe Campaign Manager, which identified the part of the performance they were most engaged with and provided suggestions for upcoming events at the Sydney Opera House they might enjoy based on their artistic preferences.

What they said

Accenture Interactive and Adobe Alliance

Accenture Interactive, an Adobe Premier Partner, helps organisations create innovative, world-class customer experiences. Our partnership with Adobe brings together a full suite of digital marketing services and the Adobe Marketing Cloud to drive meaningful engagement through customer-led experiences.

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