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Turning the banking contact center into a relationship center

Creating a command center for loyalty- and revenue-driving digital banking customer experiences

Digital disruption is redefining the retail experience, but banking contact centers are not harnessing this disruption fast enough. With more than 70 percent of banks' customer interactions going through digital channels, the contact center must adapt to play an elevated role—one that employs a new talent strategy and integrated platform approach to move beyond merely processing inquiries.

This transformed utility has the exciting potential to be the command center of the digital banking customer experience, where relationships thrive and grow through a strategic combination of human empathetic advisors, platforms and intelligent automation.

This is the future of work in the digital banking relationship center. It’s a scenario that won’t happen tomorrow, but it is coming.

Read the full report to learn how banks can move from operating like a factory with production pressure to making customer experience a strategic imperative.


"29 percent of consumers use the banking contact center today, and 18 percent rely on it for their first contact."