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HfS Research: Big is big—Accenture’s brand caché swells with the G2000

Business analyst HfS Research shares its thoughts on the reshaping of Accenture’s growth platforms into four pillars: Digital, Operations, Strategy and Technology.


HfS notes that the Accenture theme of “Big is Big,” which first appeared in Accenture’s Technology Vision 2014, suggests that “after years of innovation and disruption coming from start-ups and challengers, now is the time where the largest global enterprises are turning the tide of innovation and disruption in their favor—with Accenture as their strategic partner.”

“’Big is Big’ really is driving Accenture in many ways,” HfS said, noting, “global enterprises today are only too keen to tell the world that they have hired Accenture.”

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HfS Research cited several examples of how the notion of “Big is Big” is driving Accenture’s work:

  • IT Services—Accenture “is having a strong impact on clients looking to move beyond aging legacy sourcing frameworks ... accelerating a culture of enabling technology-driven services.”

  • Technology—“Accenture’s Digital Growth Platform is sending the message that technology is … a critical part of the front office, driving business decisions and outcomes.”

  • Procurement—Accenture has created a “sourcing, market intelligence and procurement processing engine using technology with deep expertise across 15 leading categories … to offer a comprehensive solution.”

  • Marketing—Accenture has “introduced new capabilities in experience and service design, ultimately creating a more streamlined experience for the end-customer.”


Charles Sutherland—is the executive vice president of research for HfS Research, responsible for the company’s customized project work.

Phil Fersht—is president and CEO of HfS Research. He is an author, analyst and visionary in global business services, the digital transformation of enterprise operations and talent development strategies.

Ned May—is senior vice president of research and a member of the research leadership team at HfS.

Reetika Joshi—is a research director at HfS Research. She tracks technology-enabled BPO opportunities in insurance and retail.

HfS Research is an independent analyst authority and community for the global business services and outsourcing industry.