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Gen D Europe Research: Serving the High Net Worth Investor

Regular thinking paints high net worth Investors as generally reluctant users of digital when investing—our latest research says otherwise.


Accenture surveyed 1,200 investors across seven European countries to help wealth management firms understand how investors are managing their finances digitally. The survey found that within Generation D there is also a smaller, yet significant segment of high net worth (HNW) investors, representing 30 percent of all individuals surveyed.

Our second of three papers on Gen D, or digital generation, investors in Europe, addresses the unique characteristics and needs of the high net worth individuals surveyed, and the opportunities presented for firms through these investors’ use of digital technology.

Read this paper to find out the distinctive traits of high net worth investors and the new thought process they demand of firms and advisors.


High Net Worth Investors

Generation D high net worth investor characteristics from our survey

Smaller, yet significant segment


Average net investible assets
Successful and highly educated


Average median income
Entrepreneurial and self-reliant


Created or earned their wealth themselves
Established digital/online users


Use digital/online services for simple services
Advisor-led investing


Use a financial advisor or wealth manager

High Net Worth Is Digital

High net worth Generation D investors are naturally digital—but the extent to which, we found, does not necessarily align with conventional wisdom. Here’s why:

  • More than 41 percent consider themselves early adopters in technology.

  • Some 83 percent of HNW respondents already use digital for financial services.

  • And, 67 percent are weekly users of social media.


The HNW individuals polled in our survey indicate a desire for gaining even more investment experience. Fifty-five percent of HNW investors are interested in furthering their investing knowledge, putting them ahead of their affluent and mass market counterparts. The HNW investor is knowledgeable and desires greater knowledge, still.

Gen D HNW investors seek a unique, sophisticated experience from their advisor. To wit: Survey data reveal stark differences in tool and service desires between Generation D wealth cohorts. While other wealth segments place higher value on channel options or online features, HNW investors see educational and planning tools and services as true difference makers when it comes to digital tools.

In fact, HNW respondents listed ten unique tools as difference makers in the online experience – all of which support long-term investing. This underscores this segment's focus on learning, planning and outcomes - while other responding groups listed only five tools as most critical.


As firms consider a digital strategy for high net worth individuals, they should consider the following questions:

  • Do you offer digital as part of a differentiated experience to HNW clients?

  • Are you providing the means for investors to learn about investing?

  • Is your platform helping investors understand long-term objectives?

  • Are you leveraging the wealth of information within your existing client bases?

Accenture can help firms focus on digital tools and services that are specifically tailored to the complex needs of high net worth clients.



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