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Mobile payments adoption: A focus on value

Accenture Mobile Commerce Report outlines how value throughout the entire consumer journey is the key to mobile payments adoption.


Mobile payment is not an end in itself but, rather, part of a broader series of actions that customers take when seeking out and buying a particular product or service.

By aggregating these touch points and the data consumers generate throughout their day-to-day lives, the orchestrator of the digital commerce ecosystem can both enhance the overall shopping experience for consumers and provide merchants with a more complete picture of consumers.

But for consumers and merchants to switch to mobile payments, there should be a greater focus on how digital commerce ecosystem providers can work together to generate greater value across the consumer purchase journey, with a robust technology platform at the heart of such collaboration.


The key to a value-adding digital commerce ecosystem is a robust platform that underpins the ecosystem’s operations. At the heart of the platform are key elements—such as a recommendation engine and customer insights capability—that support advanced analytics to help connect consumers and retailers.

A merchant with multiple offers would use the recommendation engine to understand which offers it should extend to which potential customers, while a merchant with a specific offer would draw on the customer insights capability to match that offer to the customer segment for which the offer is most relevant.


The mobile payment marketplace is still in its infancy. Yet many believe that’s likely to change, and when it does, mobile payments will take off fast.

Overall, significant growth will be aided through a concerted focus on the larger value equation inherent in the consumer journey. If the entire digital commerce ecosystem—supported by the right technology platform—can work together to make mobile commerce compelling, the future of mobile payments solutions should be very interesting to watch.

For more Recommendations and to read the full report, download the PDF.