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Restaurant industry trends in the digital age

The latest restaurant industry trends suggests technology adoption increase customer satisfaction.


The impacts of pervasiveness, personalization and privacy will be key challenges in the era of Retail Everywhere.

And as customer needs and expectations continue to evolve, all retailers, including restaurants, must establish nimble, flexible, agile organizations. They must become Adaptive.

In light of the era of Retail Everywhere, Accenture takes a comprehensive look at the restaurant industry to identify key trends, shifting customer expectations and the ways restaurants can adapt to stay relevant and cost competitive.


The US restaurant industry is forecasted to have moderate growth in the near term, driven by demanding consumer taste and personal income.

Over the last decade margin growth has been a significant driver for performance; however, projected rises in food prices and labor costs could impact the industry margins going forward.​

Accenture research shows there are five restaurant industry reali​ties heating up a highly competitive market and fanning the flames of rising cost pressures.​​


It’s been said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Accenture offers three steps restaurants can take to keep their cool and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. By exploring ways to enhance interactions with customers and transforming internal operations, restaurants can win.

 Plus    Enhance  Plus  Achieve  Equal sign  Growth


Accenture can help restaurants adapt to meet customers’ shifting expectations, transform system-wide operations and platforms to be more nimble, and optimize their cost structures.

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Accenture Connected Commercial Kitchen

The Accenture Connected Commercial Kitchen: Putting the power of a command center in the hands of restauranteurs.

The connected kitchen provides transparency for restaurant owners and managers to get the information they need in real time to make faster business decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

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