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Empowering employees with our BYOD policy (bring your own device)

"Consumerization” of technology demands a fundamental rethinking of IT. For us, it means greater flexibility, lower costs and increased value for employees.


With easy and affordable access to new devices and platforms, employees are increasingly making decisions about how and where they work and the tools they require, including ones they already own.

As more employees take technology into their own hands, inside our company and among our clients, the “consumerization” of IT confronts organizations everywhere with complex choices about policy, process, technology and security.

For mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, we’ve already resolved many of these issues.

More than 94,000 mobile devices are in use across our company today, the vast majority of which are owned by employees.

These devices are secured via eight-digit passwords with strict mandatory guidelines for device lock and remote wipe, if necessary.

For employee-owned PCs, we launched a program to implement a secure, virtual container that protects data and allows access to our applications without compromising the user experience.

We’re also testing secure cloud-based content and data to support PC backup, as well as file sharing and synchronization across devices.

It’s a simple strategy. If we can get content and data off devices and into the cloud, we enable our employees to access whatever they need, using any device. This radically changes the way our professionals will work.

Giving employees responsibility for end-user hardware, software and services will tend to focus enterprise IT resources around more flexible services, browser-enabled applications, risk and cost reduction, and, ultimately, greater value for the employee.



“Bring your own” is no passing fad. We’ve made it a reality and our people are making it work. We’ve also created security and support strategies that may ultimately produce huge savings.