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New Forrester Consulting research commissioned by Accenture Interactive benchmarks digital transformation amongst enterprises.

Digital Transformation Study

Key Findings

The Customer Experience Is At The Heart Of Digital Transformation

Customers are in control of their interactions with businesses in the digital age. Attracting, winning, and retaining customers requires a concerted effort across the entire organization, with profitability, ROI, and customer satisfaction as key measurements of their progress.

Download the complete study [PDF, 410 KB]      

Download the infographic [PDF, 223 KB]

of businesses surveyed now look to digital to help them sell profitably and…

of businesses assess the impact of digital in relation to customer experience

Businesses Are On The Path To Digital Transformation, But Have A Ways To Go

Digital transformation is not a one-time initiative. To digitally transform is to foster a culture of constant evolution and cross-functional collaboration. While most businesses are actively working to develop their digital capabilities, they are far from achieving digital mastery.

of businesses plan to improve the 'online customer experience' in the coming year, but only...

of organizations are ‘completely ready’ to execute digital strategies operationally

Third-party Solution Providers Plug The Gaps And Manage The Drive For Transformation

Most businesses leverage the resources and expertise of third-party solution providers and partners for at least some components of their digital strategy. As digital transformation pervades all areas of the business, however, short-term providers often become ongoing strategic partners.

of firms are using third-party providers for at least one component of their digital transformation, with..

utilizing third-party performance analytics and reporting solution providers, the highest of any functional component

Digital Transformation Video

Digital Transformation is everywhere, disrupting industries and changing the way people live and work.


The Social Enterprise of the Future

Key Recommendations

Advocate Digital Transformation And The Customer Experience At An Executive Level

Digital transformation requires company-wide buy-in, with strong collaboration and evangelism from leadership - no one person alone can make it happen. Company culture and education on digital transformation are also key, and a vital part of the plan.

Download the complete study [PDF, 410 KB]      

Download the infographic [PDF, 223 KB]

Execute Change Within The Context Of An End Vision

Having a clear vision for the end state is critical to success, even if the vision is a moving target. Standardizing on a core set of technologies that the business can build around is a great way to accelerate change and keep the organization connected.

Be Willing To Take Risks And Learn From Mistakes

Companies and organizations must be willing to take risks and learn from mistakes. Through Agile processes, businesses should adopt the spirit of digital transformation with reasonable risks, streamlined processes, and relationships with third-party solution providers to implement new capabilities over time.

Find Partners Whose Capabilities Complement Your Own

Even digitally mature companies will have new gaps in capabilities as the technology continues to evolve. Enlisting third-party solution providers - those who understand your broader strategies, strengths, and internal capabilities - is often cheaper and faster than building those capabilities internally.


Download the full study from Forrester Consulting and Accenture Digital

Download the Companion Infographic


Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer

Business, organizations, and even entire industries are undergoing massive change due to global digital transformation. In the “Age of the Customer,” in which technology and economic forces have put customers in control of their interactions with businesses, companies are actively working to transform their organization, processes, and technology in pursuit of a more effective digital business and a more satisfying customer experience. While companies have made good progress, especially over the last five years, they still have a lot of room for continued development of their digital capabilities.

For detailed analyses and survey results, download the complete Forrester study commissioned by Accenture Interactive [PDF, 410 KB], or download the companion infographic [PDF, 223 KB].

Digital experience is a top priority for the company in terms of resource allocation. . . . It affects prospect and customer experiences, and we want to improve both.

Director at a US-based insurance enterprise

To learn more about the research and how Accenture Interactive can help enable digital transformation for your organization please contact:

Anatoly Roytman

Managing Director
Europe, Africa & Latin America, Accenture Interactive,
and Global Digital Commerce Lead

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*Accenture Interactive commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an online survey of 396 organizations with at least 1000 employees from across the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, China, India, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico to evaluate their digital and customer experience strategies. The study (Digital Transformation in the Age of the Customer) was completed in October 2015.