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The Data Management Platform unleashed

More than a plug-and-play approach to fuel personalized, contextualized and precise offers for customers and prospects

From untapped potential to customer relevance at scale

Delivering relevant communications at scale means activating customer insights in less than 50 milliseconds. This is impossible without the right data about customers and prospects—and a technology platform that transforms data into insights, reliably and at speed.

Many marketers rely on the data management platform to do this critical work. Despite their investments, some marketers are finding that the Data Management Platform is not giving them the power they need to collect, synthesize and activate data about customers and prospects at lightning-fast speeds.

It does not have to be this way. Through thoughtful planning and execution in four important areas—customer journey, technology, data control and activation—marketers could trade buyer’s remorse for real return on investment and experience the Data Management Platform at full power.

Data Management Platform

The Data Management Platform collects, synthesizes and activates customer and prospect data to power analytically driven campaign management.

Governance: Protects consumer privacy, reduces data leakage and secures data in the enterprise.

Collection: Collects data about customers and prospects directly from digital advertisements, websites and mobile applications, and matches collected data with first, second and third party data.

Integration: Facilitates robust single customer and prospect analysis/unified audience tracking by creating a single view of the digital consumer journey, augmenting it with offline data.

Analytics: Serves as the hub of real-time analytics driven marketing, powering targeted marketing execution while sensing and responding to outcomes.

Segmentation: Provides advanced cross-channel campaign analytics, predictive modeling and audience segmentation.

Marketing Activation: Activates customer and prospect data by connecting to display advertising, website personalization, search, email, programmatic television, call centers and direct mail.


By unleashing the power of the Data Management Platform, marketing organizations could increase positive outcome rates, reduce wasted ad spend, improve media effectiveness, realize deeper consumer understanding and make more data-driven decisions. These are four key areas to help drive success:

  1. Customer journey. The Data Management Platform should be applied across the entire customer journey. The ultimate goal is two-way horizontal audience data integration and activation stream across channels.

  2. Technology. Capitalizing on the real-time “relevance at scale” promise of the Data Management Platform should require an integrated set of technologies and capabilities—not a single point solution.

  3. Data control. Marketers can explore different management options so that Data Management Platform insights have wider application across the customer journey.

  4. Activation. Verifying that all of the elements that connect to the Data Management Platform work together and that the operating model is appropriate is critical.