The cyber security leap: From laggard to leader

Find out how leapfrog organisations are improving their security posture and more quickly detecting security threats.


Australian organisations are an attractive target for cybercrime and espionage. Our latest research shows how leading enterprises are achieving outsized results, providing a guide to all organisations seeking to ensure they are a tough nut to crack.

Rapidly evolving cyber security threats are a growing challenge for Australian business and government organisations. But how can enterprises best respond within limited budgets? Accenture collaborated with the Ponemon Institute over two years to research this critical issue, and found clear similarities in organisations that had leapfrogged from low-level to high-level security efficiency (average net change of 53 percent), compared with organisations that showed static security performance (average net change of 2 percent).

The research outlines how these Leapfrog organisations are more effective in addressing security across three key areas:

  1. Strategy

  2. Technology

  3. Governance

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Executive Summary


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Jean-Marie Abi-Ghanem

Jean-Marie Abi-Ghanem


Jean-Marie Abi-Ghanem is a managing director leading Accenture's Australia and New Zealand Security Practice.


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