Cyber Security in Australia and New Zealand

How operational effectiveness is key


An organisation’s cyber security game plan needs the right mix of talent, skill, capabilities and technology.

It also requires something more—a robust operating model that focuses the organisation’s risk management strategy to accomplish three goals:

  1. Prepare and protect

    Prepare and protect for the challenges ahead by delivering useful threat intelligence and providing a vulnerability management program that supports the organisation’s business strategy.

  2. Deter, defend and detect

    Deter, defend and detect threats using a combination of advanced security analytics and advanced operational monitoring capabilities.

  3. Respond and recover

    Respond to and recover from attacks quickly and with the least exposure possible by employing state of the art security incident management and an active defence strategy.

    There are few signs that the brutal assault on the digital assets of companies and institutions worldwide will diminish any time soon; in fact, the opposite is probably true. Given this risk-filled environment, firms need the best operational security capabilities possible if they hope to attain the cohesion and clarity required to defend their organisation’s most valuable digital assets.

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The CISO game plan

Cyber-attacks are nothing new, but their consequences have recently become more significant. The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the proliferation of connected devices and the growth of cloud computing all mean that an organisation’s “attack surfaces” are growing.
Achieving best-practice operational effectiveness can deliver a wide array of security-related benefits, ranging from fewer successful incursions to faster response times and quicker recoveries when attackers do hit. An orchestrated approach can reduce costs and risks while improving security operations.

Recognise your role

Strategy and technology alone do not guarantee an effective cyber defence. The best strategy, supported by the latest technology, can fail if not executed properly.

The best operational strategy should include investments in talent, capabilities and a highly efficient operating model:

  • Assess effectiveness of current security processes.

  • Invest in attracting and retaining skilled security talent.

  • Understand how threat data pertains to the business.

  • Identify what isn’t known.

  • Create a plan to address knowledge gaps.

  • Find an effective sparring partner to improve security capabilities.

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