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Consumerization. Advanced robotics. Specialized talent.

Learn why you need these core components of integrated business services models—and how to build them.


Integrated business services models, designed from the outside in and with the customer experience at their heart, are critical enablers of the enhanced business value that shared services organizations are now expected to deliver.

They prioritize the customer experience, facilitate end-to-end connectivity and lead in applying digital technologies to service delivery.

All of which makes them the only shared services model capable of supporting consumerization, advanced robotics and specialized talent—the keys to competitiveness, growth and even survival in increasingly challenging markets.


Key Findings

There are three essential building blocks of success for any shared services organization:

  • Consumerization: Enables true customer centricity—personalized services that are simple, swift and seamless to use.

  • Advanced robotics: Reduce cost to serve. Using robots to handle requisition-to-purchase orders could cut transaction-handling time in half. Robotic “digital assistants” could reduce operating costs by as much as 80 percent.

  • Specialized talent: Drives innovation. A smaller number of more specialized resources, skilled in advisory and consultative capabilities, as well as technology, can coordinate responses to customer inquiries in full—and innovate new value realization efforts.

No shared services organization can afford to be without these core capabilities.


Consumerization, robotics and specialized talent will distinguish tomorrow’s winners.

So ask yourself:

  • Do I have the technologies to meet the expectations of consumerization?

  • Could I develop a robotics capability to reduce existing cost to serve?

  • Can I attract the skills I need to drive new digital capabilities?

If the answer to any of the above is “no,” take steps now to invest. It will not only help ensure that your shared services organization remains relevant.

It will also accelerate your journey toward implementing a fully integrated business services model—the key to profitable growth in this complex, global economy.


Sarah Daubenspeck

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy

Sarah Daubenspeck leads the North American Integrated Operating Model offering as part of the CFO & Enterprise Value practice in Accenture Strategy. She has experience in the strategy development, design and implementation of large scale operational and financial transformations. She specializes in industry-specific, commercial and non-traditional models. Daubenspeck has implemented models that are both captive and outsourced in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Key industries that she supports include High Tech, Health Care and Products.