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How to leverage social media for hospitality to increase brand loyalty

Learn how hotel companies can leverage social media to improve their online brand and enhance consumer loyalty for connected guests.


Everyone has the ability to hide behind an online identity and, with the rising number of social-media platforms, companies are having a harder time managing their online presence.

Hospitality companies need to respond appropriately.

Accenture and Cornell's Center for Hospitality research sampled academic research published over the past four years on the topics of social media and marketing.

We began with searching with keywords like "travel," "hotel," "restaurant" and "marketing," and then culled a long list of studies along with 44 articles that looked at the attitudinal and behavioral effects of online content.

Some of the studies were conducted in settings outside hospitality, but all of the articles summarized contain insights for marketers and business executives associated with hotels and property-management companies.

Compared to other industries, hospitality is well positioned to lead the way in responding to social media commentary. This industry has a longstanding tradition of actively soliciting, listening to and responding to customer feedback. The hospitality industry is competitive, and companies consistently reach out to satisfy their customers. Read more about the findings.

Key Findings