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Building trust between police and citizens in a digital world

How can digital police solutions help public safety achieve new levels of legitimacy?


Public Safety agencies are operating in a fast changing world. Evolving citizen expectations for safety and trust, new threats and patterns of crime, and increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies are driving change.

Should Public Safety leadership focus on fighting crime efficiently? Or should it focus on growing public trust? Forward-thinking public safety leaders realise that to build legitimacy they must improve crime prevention and public trust. Police technology and digital applications offer public safety leaders ways to do both.

2016 Public safety summit: Building capacity and legitimacy

Leadership for a Networked World and the Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre at Harvard, in collaboration with Accenture, convened Public Safety leaders for The 2016 Public Safety Summit: Building Capacity and Legitimacy. Held at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts the Summit provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and work with policing and public safety peers, Harvard faculty, and select industry experts.

Culture, change and community

Driving Change in Process, Culture and Community Partnership at NYPD

Dermot Shea, Deputy Commissioner, Operations, New York Police Department (NYPD) explores the steps that his agency is taking to shift culture and policing strategy to rebuild public trust and legitimacy.

"We’re going to increase trust. We are going to make people our partners, to increase consumer satisfaction."
Deputy Commissioner, Operations, New York Police Department

2016 Public Safety Summit Policing Survey Insights

Public Safety leadership share insights in response to a survey conducted amongst police leaders for the 2016 Public Safety Summit at Harvard University.

Building Police and Community Engagement

Filmed at the 2016 Public Safety Summit, hear how police leaders are working to build community engagement, partnership and trust.

"The people who have the best ideas, and usually the solutions to our challenges, are people working on the front lines, or people living in our communities."
Chief of Police, Seattle Police Department
"The public trust piece transcends everything; that’s the business we are in. Policing is and always will be a people’s business."
Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept