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Accenture Hospitality Services' finance and accounting operations are driving business outcomes

Accenture Hospitality Services is a proven, scalable shared services model specifically designed by and for the hospitality industry.


As part of Accenture Hospitality Services, a team experienced in F&A processes—from procure-to-pay through order-to-cash to record-to-report—provides management consulting, technology and operations services.

Why Accenture
For over 13 years, Accenture collaborated with Marriott to help scope, deliver and build the industry-leading Marriott Business Service. Marriott Announced plans to transfer its Tennessee-based operation to Accenture in June 2013. In September 2013, the operation became an Accenture Center of Excellence for Finance and Accounting operations.

Today, Accenture is providing the finance and accounting services back to Marriott - driving further technology and operational enhancements – and bringing the same services to the industry under Accenture Hospitality Services.


Accenture provides comprehensive services for the hospitality back office. From the more transactional, such as procure-to-pay and order-to cash to the highly strategic such as financial management reporting, Accenture Hospitality Services help companies, reduce costs, drive growth and improve controls.



The Accenture Hospitality Services Industry Benchmarking diagnostic was developed through years of serving clients in the hospitality industry, and from our company’s extensive knowledge of leading business practices.

We assess performance objectively in activities such as finance and accounting, source-to-pay, hire to retire and payroll. Our assessment examines technology tools and looks at efficiency, effectiveness and risk mitigation among geographically dispersed properties and corporate entities.

What emerges from the diagnostic? Accenture offers recommendations that spotlight potential areas for improvement, along with an estimated scope of effort and expected outcomes from implementing recommendations.


Our industry benchmarking diagnostic leverages our expertise in the hospitality industry and adds robust technical capabilities and finance operations acumen. We have developed a structured process to conduct the diagnostic, allowing us to gather relevant data points at the property and corporate levels for evaluation.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is drawn from 1,000 finance and accounting professionals with deep experience across the hospitality value chain.

Want to know more? Please contact us to understand how your hospitality company measures up.​​