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Accenture services for the construction industry

Accenture offers best tools, processes and the most suitable methods to help companies overcome challenges in the construction industry.


The construction sector is undergoing a major transformation. Construction companies are diversifying their business activities, also becoming service providers. Moreover, the major players in the industry are expanding their borders and business into new markets such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Strategies of internationalization and diversification have encouraged the emergence of large corporations, which means a complete change from the traditional companies focused on the local market.

In this new business model, key challenges, in addition to the commitment to sustainability, include: access to funding sources, ensuring their margins through the efficiency of their operations and the integration of skills and talent needed to meet the market demand.

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Why Accenture

Accenture offers its knowledge of the challenges and essential trends in the construction industry, together with the expertise it has built up working with leading enterprises around the world. We can develop the best tools and processes and the most suitable methods to help companies in the construction industry not only to overcome today’s obstacles but to be prepared for the opportunities offered in the immediate future.

Specific Services
Accenture has developed a tool known as CEA (Construction Enterprise Architecture), specially adapted to the needs of companies in the construction industry. It is designed to ensure efficient site management, a key stage in preventing losses resulting from possible inefficiency.

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