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Accelerating sales readiness to drive profitable growth

Accenture research reveals high-performing companies achieve better sales outcomes than their peers by focusing on the key elements of sales readiness.


Accelerating Sales Readiness to Drive Profitable Growth

In a hugely competitive marketplace, a select few high-tech companies are increasing their sales force productivity to drive revenue growth. How? By accelerating sales readiness within their organizations.

Sales leaders in these companies typically achieve the following results:

Sales quotas delivered on Day 1 of the selling period

Increase flexibility and speed to market by up to 40%

Improve sales force productivity by up to 30%

There’s no magic involved, just a structured approach that equips you to be sales ready.

Is your organization sales ready?

If it is, you’ll have interconnected business processes that allow you to make changes to sales hierarchies, account assignments or quotas – and instantly communicate those changes to the sales force.

Gauge your organization’s sales readiness with the following questions:

Are you struggling to set sales quotas by the start of each selling period?

Does your sales force know how it’s organized and what it should be selling?

Can your organizational model support sales readiness?

Are your reps spending the right amount of time selling?


The majority of sales leaders in the high-tech industry are not sales ready

95% of sales organizations have increased their sales target……50% of sales leaders doubt they can achieve them

80% of sales leaders communicate sales targets late (up to 2-4 months’ delay) even though typical selling cycles are under 1 year for 93% of companies

65% of sales leaders say improvement is needed to close deals within forecasted timeframes

48% of sales leaders have no formal sales process in place …23% point to the lack of a common sales process as a key challenge

Sales reps spend just 1/3 of their time selling


What does good look like?

High-performing companies achieve better sales outcomes than their peers by focusing on the key elements of sales readiness

Deliver sales quotas on Day 1 of the selling period
Increase flexibility and speed to market by up to 40%
Increase sales force productivity by up to 30%
Increase sales quota attainment by 10%

How can sales leaders capture the benefits of sales readiness?

Align all functional groups involved in the target sales readiness strategy

Communicate sales readiness execution approach and plan

Sustain through leadership commitment and ‘sales readiness czar’ role.


What are the must-have capabilities for sales readiness?

High-performing companies accelerate sales readiness by addressing the ‘What’ and the ‘How’:

End-to-end sales readiness strategy, using analytics to complement operations excellence from financial forecast to quota acceptance

Cross-functional governance, managed end-to-end by a single stakeholder

Single, standardized and documented global process, tools and policy

Control tower’ approach to define milestones, communicate progress and manage corrective actions

KPI-driven to ensure execution visibility and continuous improvement

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Accenture 2015 analysis of Technology Companies with >USD1B revenue


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