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Accelerating the CPG digital journey requires investment

You can streamline the journey by following core principles and investing in automation, technology and analytics.

How can you realize your vision?

The journey from an analog to a digital enterprise may seem overwhelming at times, but there are core principles that can guide each step toward achieving your digital vision.

  • Become deliberately digital. Dabbling in digital is no longer enough. CPG companies today must see digital as a strategic imperative. The high performers are investing in enterprise digital tools, capabilities and skills. They are moving beyond ERP to leverage new technology platforms that support enterprise mobility, collaboration and enhanced usability. Above all, CPG companies need to move their digital responses from a tactical to a strategic level. This is not about digital marketing, it is about becoming a digital enterprise; and to do this you need to transform to a digital operating model.

  • Connect IT and the business. “The technology” and “the business” are tightly intertwined and should never be thought of separately. Businesses can drive more value from ERP investments and enable global operations efficiencies by viewing IT through a business lens. Accenture research indicates that high performers allocate 55 percent of their IT budgets to deliver strategic business capabilities. Business-led IT investments such as flexible architecture, enterprise analytics and pay-per-use IT services deliver business value and will also reduce costs over the long term.

  • Focus on consumers. Traditional marketing models have been based around the industry pushing products to consumers and shoppers. Marketing and advertising have been a monologue – from brand to consumer and shopper. In the digital world, monologue becomes dialogue; it demands interaction and engagement through numerous interconnections between the consumer or shopper, product, retailer, digital and social networks. To enable an enterprise-wide focus on the consumer, IT must become increasingly interactive, data-driven, real-time and integrated.

The high performers are focusing on seamless and personal consumer experiences, and digital interactions, not transactions. To achieve the kind of seamless experience consumers want, your business will have to have a presence at every stage of the shopper’s journey. This entails making a major investment in automation, technology and analytics. A core ERP backbone enables this move to a digital enterprise by providing a foundation to build a digital infrastructure, and complimenting ERP data with enterprise analytics to provide more predictive insights.