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Experience Accenture Operations

Delivering world-class business process services requires a deep understanding of industries and markets and having the right people, with the right skills, to get the job done.

Accenture Operations' delivery capabilities, supported by our unparalleled Global Delivery Network located across 50+ centers, enable us to deliver consistently high levels of performance, at the scale you need.

Scale and reach
As part of the Accenture Global Delivery Network, we’re focused on generating measurable value for clients through reliable, cost-effective and consistently high-quality services. Whatever your business goal, we make it work for you.

Our delivery capabilities offer a potent combination of global reach, industry knowledge, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and skilled professionals.

Functional experience
We guide clients through ever-changing business landscapes. Our teams don't just deliver a service—they sit side-by-side with clients and wrestle challenges together.

Clients often tell us they cannot tell who is from their company and who works with Accenture Operations. In other words, our people are just “part of the team.”

Industry focus
We’ve teamed with leading companies in virtually every sector, helping us create industry-specific platforms to meet unique needs.

We drive specialist thought leadership and best practice collaboration. Continuous training and certification keep us at the cutting edge of industry transformation, enabling us to provide better business process services because we know the nuances of your industry and the challenges you face.

Power of analytics
Analytics drives insights that are harnessed by our 3000+ business advisors throughout our Global Delivery Network.

Through our BPO Navigator tool and Analytics Innovation Centers we draw on 20+ years’ experience to develop advanced analytics showcases providing access to sophisticated tools that turn data into insights, insights into actions and actions into business outcomes – on demand.

Technology vision
We help clients achieve extraordinary results by harnessing the power of technology.

The Intelligent Business Cloud enables agility smartly connecting Intelligent infrastructure, Applications and Data to provide business processes ‘as a service’ on demand at speed and at scale.

Our “Tech Masters” program ensures our people are at the forefront of these technological advances and keep our clients ahead of the curve.

The best people
We are committed to talent development by offering diverse career paths to our 60,000 people worldwide from business advisors to tech masters.

We foster a culture of collaboration and champion diversity; we give our people room to grow and inspire innovative thinking to drive client value.

It’s no wonder we are the Employer of Choice for our key delivery locations.

Making a difference
Stewardship, one of our core values, means we meet our commitments, develop our people and help improve communities and the global environment.

By striving to reduce environmental impact and make a sustainable difference, our services touch the lives of millions every day.

Read more about our Rural BPO program.

Industry Focus

From transition to innovation

Delivery lies at the heart of our Operations mandate to provide world class services and support growth. Watch the video to learn more.

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Lower risks—maximized value

We decrease risks by deploying a dedicated mobilization specialist and utilize proven methods, processes and tools for a comprehensive approach to service readiness.

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Training and development

Our global network of delivery experts and business advisors use analytics and industry knowledge to provide sustainable client value.

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Delivery excellence

Our solution development team works closely with teams in technology, mobilization, shared services and capability development to build innovative and relevant solutions for clients.

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Industrialization and progress

We focus on industrialization, quality and regular improvement by investing in technology. Through our extensive experience, we can define a best solution, deploy it and measure its progress.

Our Leading Practice (LP) tool drives discussions with our clients on their performance and goals, meaning they get the most out of their outsourcing partnerships.

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Technology enablement

Technology serves as more than just the infrastructure of delivery—it is a source of operational improvements and innovation.

Our centralized approach to technology management allows us to drive real results for our clients. It is a key enabler for our business, helping us generate productivity gains, lower costs and new ways of thinking.

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Outcomes and innovation

Whether the goal is cost savings or improved efficiency, our Business Advisors are specially trained to seek out innovative, realistic ways to get there.

We invest in our experts to make sure they have high-level industry skills. Our employees take advantage of our Industry Generalist Certification courses, Industry Community of Practice and Industry Knowledge Sharing Sessions.

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