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2014 Corporate Citizenship Report

Australia and New Zealand


Corporate citizenship is central to our vision to improve the way the world works and lives.

Accenture’s more than 323,000 people around the world bring the same passion and rigor to our corporate citizenship initiatives as they do to our client service, by convening innovative partnerships, leveraging technology and delivering measurable solutions that make a profound impact in our communities.

Our latest Corporate Citizenship Report in Australia and New Zealand details our impact on the communities that we support across the five pillars of our corporate citizenship strategy: corporate governance, Skills to Succeed, the environment, our people and our supply chain.


“In Australia and New Zealand we strive to increase our impact and performance while working alongside our corporate citizenship network – our dedicated nonprofit partners, employees who contribute their skills and time towards corporate citizenship initiatives and our valued clients and suppliers.

“We believe the rich diversity of our workforce in Australia and New Zealand, together with the skills and passion that our employees have for corporate citizenship, will see us continue our efforts in making a positive impact on at-risk youth, Indigenous Australians, women in need and others who face challenges.”

Simon Flack
Managing Director, Corporate Citizenship
Accenture in Australia and New Zealand


Accenture is pleased to share this report, which details the impact we made globally and in Australia and New Zealand across each of the five pillars of our corporate citizenship reporting strategy: Corporate Governance; Skills to Succeed; Environment; Our People and Supply Chain. The report explores our corporate citizenship goals, progress and performance across our operations during fiscal 2014 (1 September 2013 – 31 August 2014) unless otherwise noted.

For more information on our global Corporate Citizenship program, please visit the Accenture Corporate Citizenship website.