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Shelly Swanback

Group Operating Officer — Accenture Digital


Shelly Swanback is not your typical soccer mom. As Accenture's Working Mother of the Year in 2014, she knows a few things about achieving and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Shelly is Group Operating Officer for Accenture Digital, responsible for accelerating growth, executing the business strategy, and leading global business operations for Accenture Digital. And if that weren't enough, she manages a very busy household together with her husband, Steve, and two children, Andrew and Lauren.

Shelly has been with Accenture for nearly 25 years, working with Fortune 500 companies and C-level leaders across many industries, developing and executing business transformation programs and solving complicated management and technology problems. Shelly assists clients in harnessing digital technologies to fundamentally change their business and operating models, and redesign their customer experiences.

Shelly is a Renaissance woman in the truest sense of the moniker – a visionary, a mom, a leader, and an inspiration to the more than 100,000 successful women at Accenture. Shelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and computer information systems from Colorado State University.

Learn more about Shelly @ShellySwanback or on LinkedIn.