Mitzi Kim

Chief Operating Officer, Australia and New Zealand


As the Chief Operations Officer for Accenture in Australia and New Zealand, I’m focused on a bold growth agenda for our business. I’m responsible for helping the company execute its strategy, as well as ensuring we operate with competitive agility and at the very highest standards of excellence in our work across the two countries.

Since joining Accenture in 1996, and becoming a managing director ten years later, I’ve had extensive experience in consulting, and especially in helping clients across Australia transform their large and complex organisations in the face of digital change. That work spanned numerous industries, including communications, media and technology, financial services, as well as the government sector.

Before taking up my current role, I led operations for Accenture’s South Korean business. In my work, I’m focused on some of the most important questions any company faces: ensuring high performance in business operations, optimising strategic and business planning, developing leaders for today’s business environment and transforming organisations to find growth opportunities in the New.

I hold a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (BMathFin) from the University of Technology, Sydney. I’m also a passionate supporter of women in business, and I’ve been intimately involved in fostering women’s leadership roles.