Keiran Miller

Senior Principal, Policing and Public Safety,
Australia Accenture


Keiran Miller is Senior Principal for Policing and Public Safety in Australia Accenture. He is responsible for supporting the development of business architectures that address traditional and emerging challenges across the public safety, law enforcement, justice and homeland security fields. A skilled strategic thinker, Keiran identifies and understands organisational requirements and shapes the innovative strategies that drive change.

Keiran has a proven track record in leading and energising multi-discipline teams to deliver complex and demanding programmes. In particular, he led an Accenture project with the Australian Border Force (ABF), where he developed and delivered a detailed Concept of Operations as part of ABF’s Strategic Border Command Operations.

Prior to joining Accenture, Keiran had an extensive and diverse career with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in a variety of roles that involved advising AFP leadership and the Australian Government. In a career that includes three overseas postings, he has extensive experience in transnational crime and terrorism related matters. When acting as Senior Liaison Officer for the AFP in London, he forged relationships with key partner agencies for UK law enforcement, such as New Scotland Yard, and initiated projects such as security at the London 2012 Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the use of covert intelligence. He has worked on leading issues of the day including major drug importations, money laundering syndicates, organised crime gangs, large-scale corporate fraud investigations and terrorist groups.

Keiran passionately believes a strong policing and public safety capability is critical for our future, our families and our livelihoods. He is a keen advocate for the importance of adopting new technology and digital capabilities in policing and public safety. Keiran is also committed to acting as a mentor for new Accenture joiners and experienced hires, helping to inspire the next generation of skilled public safety specialists.

Keiran is married with three children, two of whom are currently living in the UK. He enjoys travelling and taking on new and exciting challenges—especially those focused on helping public safety agencies to make the world a safer place to live and work.

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