Glenn Heppell

Accenture Products Industry Lead, Australia and New Zealand


I lead the Products team for Accenture’s Australia and New Zealand business. We help our clients in a range of industries – retail, consumer goods, infrastructure, travel, life sciences – rethink, reinvent and reshape how they do business in the digital age and how they influence the lives of all consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

What makes these industries so fascinating to work with? It’s a chance to influence what people buy, where they shop, and how they travel. It needs deep thought about the impact and possibilities of new digital technologies and innovative go to market methods and channels. It means using our expertise to transform consumer marketplaces with relevant and impactful ideas and agile solutions.

Each client brings new and interesting questions. How can retailers connect with customers’ lives in meaningful ways? How can the food, home, personal care, fashion and agribusiness markets unleash new growth? How can industrial processes be digitised, scaled and optimised to drive new levels of efficiency? How can pharma, biotech, and health companies improve patient outcomes? What’s the impact of smart, connected vehicles on the automotive industry? What will travel and hospitality look like in the digital age? No two days are ever the same.

In my 15 years with Accenture, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in Australia and Asia, where I led a team responsible for over a billion US dollars of sales across the Asia Pacific region, focusing on the communications, electronics and high-tech, and media and entertainment industries. I was awarded an MBA from Melbourne Business School in 2002 and undergraduate degrees in Economics and Politics from the University of Melbourne.